About Us


United Shareholders is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed for the purpose of bringing transparency to the people that serve as directors at the public corporations of America.

Good corporate governance practices are apolitical and this organization is also apolitical. Good corporate governance is in the interest of all Americans, including those that don’t directly own stocks or bonds in America’s corporations. Our public corporations are owned by tens of millions of Americans either directly or through their IRA’s, 401k’s, and 403b’s. If you qualify for a pension at a company or government agency, your pension is likely funded with a significant percentage of public company stock.


Currently, information on corporate directors is distributed in the annual proxy.

Few people look at it. We hope to create an opportunity for you to get to know directors more easily and for directors to introduce themselves more easily. We also hope to bring transparency to major decisions directors are making when acting as a fiduciary on your behalf. A fiduciary is the highest standard of financial responsibility under the law and obligates fiduciaries to act prudently with duty and loyalty to the beneficiaries.

United Shareholders begins at t time when faith in public institutions is challenged, including faith in corporations. When such a large percentage of the nation’s wealth is represented in the market value of our public companies, bringing transparency to the individuals responsible for overseeing those corporations might help improve trust.