Get Involved

We hope you’ll find our mission worthy and you’ll consider making a donation at the link below. The money will be used for staff to do the research on the directors that oversee America’s largest public corporations on your behalf.
We know their job is hard, but we also believe there are principles that should be followed when dealing with investor money. As mentioned elsewhere, the fiduciary standard is the highest standard under the law and it obligates directors to a standard of duty and loyalty.
Also, some of you may be in a position to help us better understand individual directors. We welcome your feedback. We want to be as fair as possible in evaluating the decisions that individual directors make as well as the cumulative behavior of the board in overseeing management.
If we haven’t researched a board that you would like to know more about, please make a suggestion. We are starting with the largest first, and working our way down the list.